Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial: Customize Any Cardstock

Have you ever searched in your cardstock pile desperately trying to find the perfect colour? I do, unfortunaly I don't have the millions of colours and realized what I DO have is every colour available that I have in Copics.  So I am now making my own cardstock simply by colouring white cardstock whatever colour I need.  Now the cardstock matches my coloured images PERFECTLY everytime.
 1. Hold the paper you want to match up to your Copic colour chart.
 2. Choose the best match, and punch your circle.
Use the broad tip of the marker, it will cover the area faster than the brush tip.
 3.Colour the outside edge (the spot you'll see).  Save your ink by colouring the only area you will see. 
 4. Mat your image.
Here's another example of matching accents to an image.
Step1: Cut out your shapes
Step2:Choose the appropriate colour. In this sample the blue is the same colour I used to colour the angels dress.
Step3:Colour the entire shaped area.

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LindaC said...

Very clever....I need to remember this when I don't have the perfect cardstock color. LC