Friday, February 4, 2011

It's Sneaky Snippet Time!!

Since tomorrow is our February release, today is your turn to see our sneaky little snippets!  Let us know what you think these images could be and we will choose the most creative answer to win a free Whimsie Doodles image (winner announced in Monday's Post!).  
Be sure to come back tomorrow to see these images...large and in charge!  Woo Hoo!


LindaC said...

Is that a tooth fairy? Do I see a doctor? Could that be a bottle of glue? Fun images!! LC

Linda said...

Making Valentine's for your Neighbor, doctor, dentist and teacher....they all look super cute!!

Pat said...

I am seeing The Deliverer of Love (Mailman), The Doctor of Love, The School of Love, Hearts of Love, Letters of Love (XO), and A Tooth Fairy.

Thebug415 said...

I think there is a boy holding a bottle of glue..maybe some sort of valentine's "stuck on you". A doctor, a tooth fairy, is that a girl scout?, and maybe a person template.

Gina Thornton said...

Okay the first one I think is a little boy (?) holding either the King or Queen of hearts.
#2 Is a Dr with a clipboard. Maybe the Dr of LOVE. LOL
#3 Glue bottle "so glad to be STUCK with you" Or Sweetie I am STUCK on you. Something like that.
#4 Paper dolls, maybe something like "Put a little love in your heart"
#5 XOXO but the O's are hearts.
#6 Since it is Children's Dental Health Month in February. A tooth with some floss tied around it. Something cute for a tooth fairy card.
#7 A cute little girl wearing red, perhaps for American Heart Health.
#8 maybe another oe for Heart Health.
So many fun holidays in February!!!