Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This much

My son is to old to be bringing Valentines to school but I still love to make them.  So what do I do with my homemade Valentine gifts?  Well I give them to friends and not only are they surprised but they love it.   After all other than a significant other we just don't get Valentines anymore.  It just goes to show your never too old for a little Valentine so make one for a friend it doesn't have to be fancy but just as long as it tells them you thought of them. :)
My Valentine gift this year is a candy bar.  You can't go wrong with chocolate right??
If you don't like the "I love you" part you can always change it to "thank you"
Digis stamp used is from Valentine Messages

Have a great day!


Beckie said...

Super cute.

Be blessed, Beckie

Laura said...

You are right, I would love to receive one of these! Thanks for the idea and for sharing this fab digi - I love her!

Shannon White said...

Soo Adorable Melyssa! And yo are soo right!! I miss getting Valentines! Love your Sweet candy bar wrap idea! One of these would make my day! 8-)