Friday, November 27, 2015

Turkey Thank You!

First off, Happy belated Thanksgiving to my US friends!  Hope you had a wonderful day... and enjoyed your Black Friday shopping.  I'm not one who enjoys waking up early OR crowds, so if you slept in, then I hope you enjoyed that too.  I sure did!!  haha.

This cutie is "Turkey Split" and he can be found in the Thanksgiving section of the Whimsie Doodles Store.  Truth time: I had to google "cartoon turkey" in order to figure out how to color his tail, and what color his snood is.  YES, that red thing hanging off his beak is called a 'snood.'  I thought it was a 'wattle,' but apparently that's what hangs off a turkey's neck.  I looked it up!!! Useless information that I've now shared with my friends in blog land!!! haha!!

Anywhoo, back to the card.  I printed him so big (don't know why, just did!) that he took up a lot of the card!!!  So I decided to go minimalistic with the patterned paper.  And no embellishments this time around.  I kind of like the CAS look this card has!!  The last thing I did was to run a brown sharpie around the edges of the 'thank you' banner so that it would stand out, as it's the same orange as the base and I didn't want it to get completely lost!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Happy Turkey Leftovers Day!! haha!!

lovies, =o) kel

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