Saturday, December 27, 2014

Quick Penguin Tags

Hey all -  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!  I know I'm not the only one that thinks it flew by WAAAAY too quickly this year!!!

So despite having been on bed rest & IV fluids for almost the first half of the year and having a baby at the end of September, I got it in my head that I needed to make this an almost completely handmade Christmas.  And all I have to say to that is WHOOPS.  haha!

I covered composition books for the kids' teachers (at the teachers' request!!) and stuck them in a flat white paper bag and then added these super cute penguin tags.  I printed this adorable image 'Penguins' (in the Christmas section) at about 2" wide and punched them out with my super huge tag punch... and then colored them in with my Copics.

And of course, I started making the composition books and tags two days before I needed to hand them out and took really quick pictures of them as I was sticking them in the bag!!!  Artificial lighting and an exhausted mama at 3am = dark pictures!!  I'm sorry about that but I was too pooped to do anything about it!!

I'm still really happy with how these tags came out though!!  These penguins are too cute!  But never again am I going to get the grand idea to handmake teacher gifts two days before they're due!!!  haha!!

lovies, =o) kel

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